Friday, September 11, 2009

Do unto others

I got the swine flu from PAX. It's almost like winning the lottery!

Something that kind of gets me in Seattle is how people like to stay out of anyone's business. I've been in severfal situations where I wish someone had spoken up or offered me help. Instead they don't turn their heads and burrow themselves further into their world. Possibly assuming someone else will do something?

I hope that I will always stand up for someone or offer to call the police or whatever it takes to get someone out of a situation.
Bringing this interest to a daily scale, I'd like to work on reaching out to people. Mostly strangers, and with simple gestures like smiling, saying good morning, good evening, etc. It seems like in those situations I advert my eyes and act like the person doesn't exist until they walk past. Why???

I want to break through that weird discomfort zone and do something about it.

struggle to be heard, failed to be seen