Monday, October 5, 2009


  • Money issues: so remember how I wanted to withdraw my money to kind of hold so as to not spend it all? Well apparently i can't even have the chance because I don't have much money left over after attending to bills. That's cool.
    This paycheck is my car payment check, and so I have more room to pay for other things. So I caught up on Swedish Hospital bills, BofA(sorta), groceries, and gas. Turns out, I didn't have as much luxury as I thought I would. I'm sick and tired of these furloughs ruining every paycheck.
  • Health issues: I am over swine flu, finally, and I can be closer than 3 feet to a person. I'm having some difficulty keeping my allergies at bay. For my hyper thyroid I got a lower dose of methimazole, the 10mg was too strong for me, making me sluggish and depressive. Something I'm a little concerned about is the pill, which I haven't taken since high school.
  • Yesterday I applied at the Seattle Art Museum to be a docent or visitor information.
Today my friend Adrian told me that my skin has looked really awesome the last several times we've hung out. That made me proud of myself.

Here's an updated to-do/goal list I've been mulling over.

1. join 24 hour fitness (they have hip hop and yoga classes in the evening!)
2. look into night school more intently
3. find some more volunteer opportunities

Have you ever felt so goddamned strong?
How come its takes some people so damn long?
He turned to squeeze the lemon juice to rain
The citrus drawing out the scene in stains