Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember, remember!

Hello friends!
I've been productive!

The Halloween Gala went super awesome, I was very please with the attendance and the festivities. It was a very nice way to start my Halloween weekend! We made some money for the museum, too!!!

I applied for my dream job at Shilshole, and interviewed yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, even though my competition was super fierce, we shall see. I'm not feeling very optimistic about my interview itself, I was certainly rattled by the questions that I felt were unrelated to the awesome job position.

I love the house and everything in it- it's come together pretty nicely. There is one small thing. I'm a closet-hoarder.

I've joined's Upgrade challenge, and I encourage you to try to do the same! It should be fun!
1. Fix my shin splints
2. drink water
3. clean up my devastation

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New home

I'm moving- here's my new house:
It includes 2 bed, 1 bath, living, kitchen, and a rec room, backyard, shed, 1 boyfriend, and 1 dog!

From Self Improvement Project

My house doesn't actually have a mustache, I just want to protect my house's identity!

I finished the invitation, we are having an invitation folding party on Saturday. Sounds fun, huh! Ultimate fall season starts this weekend, but we have a by until next weekend, i'm glad, more time to stretch out my shins!
I'm sprawled out between two houses right now, and I have to get my stuff out before my trip to

Kihei Maui, Hawaiiiiii

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yes Man

I admire my friend Melissa for all of the wonderful memories she's been making this year. Her secret is, if there's time in the day for it, say yes!
She's pretty much always doing something, sports, parties, camping, rocking out, etc... because she gets invited and says sure.

I love spontaneity, but recently I've sort of closed down and done the relationship crutch thing. I know everyone does it in relationships, but I need to seperate myself and maybe it would calm down the anxiety I feel so often.
If someone invited me to something, I immediately find the quickest route in my head to justify a no. When I was single, I would have jumped at every opportunity to go out and be with people.
That's kind of a strange paradox, isn't it? You won't meet someone if you board yourself up at home, and then when you do meet someone, you shut the rest of the world out. i didn't mean to, it just happens that way. That's why I wanted to do Ultimate, to break that bizarre dependency.

From now on, just say yes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gala invitation

This is what I've spent some of my spare time working on. I feel pretty productive about it. It's not what I was originally going for, but better!

I've actually done a lot of changes to it since this version, but I don't want to put the final proof up without it being printed and sent understand!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Save up all my PTO for 3 years
Save up all my money for 3 years


Monday, June 28, 2010


I had staph and the viral outbreak, so good thing I took anti-biotics! I'm feeling better, but I think I should go on a suppressive therapy since I plan on being in the sun as much as I can. As for the the non-dissolving stress..I don't know what to do about it.

This weekend is kind of a big deal!
Last year I had attended Potlatch, but only as a carry-on, photographer, cheerer, and partier. I said to myself, and a few people, that next year I will be here- on my own team.
Potlatch is an ultimate frisbee tournament, where many folks from all about the nation come in to do it up right. It's 3 days of at least 3 games(yikes!), and lots of partying.
I have resisted the urge to play for the last 2-3 weeks, I'm trying to let my shins heal. While the tearing sensation persists, it's gotten a lot duller. Doesn't mean that if I should get out on the field it will magically be better.
I bought athletic insoles, I'm interested to see how they will perform... they feel good just walking around in my cleats. I will also have Icy-Hot, Ice packs, and heat pads at the ready for the weekend.
The plan is to heat patch in the mornings, stretch-warm up. Remove heat when ready to play. Ice packs after the point/game. We'll see how it goes!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A dash of stress

I'm not entirely sure where it's coming from, but I am feeling a little ball of stress in my tummy. No matter how hard I've ignored it, as usual, my skin has reacted.
I have a herpes virus dormant in my system that is from cold sores, but people with eczema don't get lip cold sores. It is more like chicken pox. Very painful, quickly spreading, and potentially fatal chicken pox.

As you can guess now, my stress has manifested into the sores on my chest and on my neck, with little random blisters on my shoulders, tummy, and face.
I would totally provide an example for you, but the images are so gross, and it makes me really upset to remember how my first outbreak was. If you do google dermatitis herpeticum, that's basically what my entire chest looked like. It was horrifying.

I went to the dr, and they cultured just in case it was staph, but i know for a fact by the tingling sensations all over my body that these are blisters.

Anyways, now i'm trying to realize what i'm holding inside, what I need to mentally exfoliate or take care of.
It's amazing how powerful our mind and bodies are. I need to listen to mine and take care of it. I'm ignoring my shin splints which is limiting my participation on the 3 ultimate teams i've paid for. I have this flyer to finish and get printed ASAP, because it will be distributed over July 4th. I'm trying to brainstorm guerilla ways to help save the homestead.

On second thought, maybe it's just too much sun that's triggered it. My chest/face has been burned at least 3 times already. X.X

Friday, June 4, 2010


I need deep therapeutic sleep.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some one call FEMA

I need some disaster relief.

From Self Improvement Project

From Self Improvement Project

Yeah. It's embarrassing. The way I justify it is- it's just clothes. I'll have an update on that when I wash them and "put them away" because I think there's boxes, and posters, and magazines, and lost puppies under all of that.

Good news is, I'm going to Sasquatch this weekend with Jamie. I'm excited to see Miike Snow, The XX, MGMT, Laura Marling, Broken Social Scene, and Vampire Weekend. Oh Massive Attack should be cool too! I will do my best to not think about the monster that is my room.

So until next week I suppose!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The cost of friendship

In 7 Habits of Highly Effective Adults, there's a chapter about maintaining and building relationships.
Let's think about bank basics. It's deposits and withdrawals, right? Think of your friends as banks. Not monetary banks, but instead they are filled up(or depleted) of interactions.
If you do something nice for someone, they will generally think a little bit fonder of you.
If you do something mean to someone, they will most probably have a lower tolerance for you.

So think of good deeds as deposits into a person, and not so nice things as withdrawals, ok?
How do you value interactions? Say someone gave me flowers. I would say this would be a nice gesture, but it's not the best. You still get some points, for sure, but if you were to give me a hug- you'd probably get even better points because that to me is a very sweet thing to do. A hug and a kiss? not so much. Let's just leave it at hugs.
To another person, the gesture of giving flowers might be the ultimately nice thing to do for them, versus a hug being so every day.

My interest and fear is: I don't necessarily interact with anyone in real life of any value very often. I have so many friends in the digital realm, and my interactions with people are primarily via chat/text/email. I think my banking system is pretty much as follows:
Points being 1-5, worst to best

Online transactions:
message me first on chat= +2
message me after i say goodbye and close your window= -1
email me a forward= +2
email me a personal letter= +4
like my status= +2
comment on my status= +3
comment on my photos= +3

Some IRL transactions:
Call me= +3
text me= +2
invite to hang out= +4
Go to a show with me= +5
handshake= +1
highfive= +4
hug= +5
visit me= +a million

I assume everyone is my friend, you all start at +1 after meeting you. I trust easy and I think most people always mean well.
I'm having a hard time grasping that I don't really technically have any close friends, and I'm not sure if commenting on other people's status' or leaving a wall note sway a person one way or the other. I know I feel satisfied- I've reached out to communicate with this person. To me it means I'm showing I care. But what if most people don't see it that way?
I fear that maybe each transaction I make with someone, anyone, is actually a negative. I fear that the internet is not enough. I know it sounds nerdy- but I think it's a common occurrence.

I was chatting with Olivia the other day about how strong lol vs haha vs lmao are.
I think that lol is a generic response to anything that you might find a bit amusing. I don't expect you to literally be lolling about. when I say haha, especially more ha's, it's because I am actually laughing or giggling about what you have told me. Technically it's a short outburst of laughter and then me saying oh my god...
Olivia thinks that lol is stronger than haha, she says that lol is actually more like lmao.
So if I say something to make her lol it's like +2, whereas if i say it, it's a +1.

Does any of that make sense? Do you think of your interactions/transactions in this manner?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am still in the process of laundry inventory. Olivia is doing something similar to me, and we were both inspired by Makeunder My Life(esp. this one)
Basically wash all of your laundry. ALL of it. Then go through it and decide what to keep and what to dispose of.
I'm first doing an inventory, counting up how many underwear, tshirts, pants, socks, etc I own. Then figure out how many I would find acceptable owning, and purge the excessive stock.
It's a strange process because I'm rarely at home long enough to wait for a cycle of wash, but also because I have such bizarre clothing habits. Then there's also the fact that I still need to wear clothes, so I'm removing inventory. Ugh.

I stayed at my house last night, and instead of diving nose first into my laundry situation- I sat myself down and began to cut into magazines. I must admit, I'm super excited to share 2010's dreamboard. It's already begun to inspire me.

Last week I did a photoshoot for 7 salon. The hairstylist, Misumi, had me come in almost every day last week to process my hair. I almost feel strange not needing to go to the salon after work anymore! I mean I was literally there every day Tuesday-Sunday! My hair is adorable, btw! I hope to post the shoot's results soon.
Anyways. So while she was styling my hair for the shoot, she asked her manager who the photographer was going to be. He told her Link would be shooting. She goes, Link like in Zelda? Then she turns to me and confides, Link is my style icon.

And he totally is. She wears flowing tunics or ponchos in black, leggings, and really cute gladiator sandals. When she told me came together. Technically I guess she's Dark Link because her clothing has to be black. This little intimate tidbit made Misumi even more adorable!

I want a style icon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some new goals

I've been challenged!

1. Condition for the prospect of being in Potlatch 2010- a 3 day Ultimate tournament in July
2. Jamie has challenged me to improve my credit score- I don't know what it is, but I know a few banks are not happy with me.

5 games down for the Spring League at DiscNW, 5 to go plus a tournament. We finally won a game, and it was very uplifting- Definitely good for the team's morale. So that brings the Young Grasshoppers to 1-4, hurrah!
I'm having a difficult time with my stamina and shins- but I'm focusing on that when I'm in the gym.

Speaking of gym, Jamie now works for All Star Fitness, and has hooked me up with a guest pass. The Executive Gym in downtown is a few steps nicer than 24 Hour, they even have a women's only weight/cardio room. Apparently in West Seattle they have a pool- which is definitely a perk I'm always interested in.

I'm in the process of doing all my laundry and then doing inventory...

Will post more later, ADD kicking in

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learning the hard way

A couple months ago, I was ecstatic that I went down to size small in shirts. I cut myself some slack, which has basically ended up with me slacking entirely.
Needless to say, I've definitely filled back out a bit.
It's a little difficult to quantify, remember, I'm not tracking my weight. I'm only keeping track of how I feel about myself and obvious results such as sizing down.
I'm back to mediums and larges in shirts, and my Sevens size 27 don't fit. At all. My favorite pair of jeans ever, don't fit.

My friend Olivia runs as much as she possibly can. She posted a comment to my last post how she's been inactive for 2 weeks and feels like she's added some lbs. While she's probably fine, there is a scary truth about it. I didn't think it actually comes back so fast!

Good news for me is, due to the half-welcomed time change, there is indeed daylight being saved in the evenings! Which means we can have Ulti practices during the week!
I've stepped in a hole last week, and my ankle has been a bit vocal about some tissue damage, but I'm going to walk it off, not run. Mostly because I'd like to be able to run by our second game!

Today's bad habit confession: I've been eating cinnamon rolls every morning at work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ultimate workout

I had Ultimate frisbee practice for the previous 2 weekends. This last weekend, it was for both Saturday and Sunday. We played from 2-4pm and then a game of scrimmage.

I'm filling out my cardio chart for my work's health program brought to us by The Mayo Clinic. It's pretty cool, very web 2.0. Here's some information I learned from their cardio site:

Q: How much physical activity do the guidelines recommend?
A: Adults should get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity a week or a combination of the two. Activity should be performed in at least 10-minute increments and should be spread throughout the week. Adults should also perform muscle strengthening exercises of all major muscle groups at least two days a week.

To gain additional health benefits, adults should increase their aerobic physical activity to 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity or 150 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity or a combination of the two.

Q: Why should these guidelines matter to me?
A: The bottom line is this: All adults should avoid inactivity. Some physical activity is better than none, and adults who participate in any amount of physical activity gain some health benefits.

Research shows that most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking.

I counted the practice and scrimmage as vigorous activity because I was almost always out of breath from running so much.

I want to work regularly on my strength training as well. I know after you start a sport you get sore, activating and continually using muscles you never realized exists, but I'd like to be able to have some say in how strong I am! I downloaded and printed a sheet for me to use. I think I'll do free weights in the gym at work, and save cardio for 24 Hr Fitness- unless Jamie is training me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ummmmm, oops? I just got an email from 24 Hour telling me I've been to the gym 13 times in the last 3 months. [insert embarrassed emoticon]

I should have added this as a goal, I meant to, in the health section. I wanted to join a sports team this year. Turns out instead of joining, I'm creating an Ultimate Frisbee team! It's been pretty rewarding organizing it so far. We have our first game March 14th. Should be super interesting!

I got talked to at work for saying to a cop during a conversation that: "I get paid 20 bucks and hour to do nothin'" An employee reported me because it's an inappropriate conversation at work.
This frustrated me immensely, it was taken completely out of context...and she was there for the whole conversation- so why she reported me for that I'm not sure. Out of context, ok yeah, maybe? But I can't see anything threatening or harassing in that. And if it's about the salary, who knows that I'm not exaggerating? You can look up my salary on the internet, all of our information is public knowledge. If it's about the "doing nothing" part, she was down here long enough to see that I will drop a convo to help customers, answer the phone, validate parking, print business cards, answer questions to tourists at any given moment.
I don't get it, but my boss thought it was enough to give me a verbal warning. I gave him the context of the convo, and he had thought I meant like I don't do anything literally, or I don't like my job, etc.
Anyways, instead of making it entirely negative, he took it as an opportunity to clarify responsibilities that are specifically mine vs. my coworkers vs. shared duties. It definitely helps, and makes it easier for him to quantify the amount of work each of us does individually. It felt childish at first, but I appreciate it now. Up until now, I only had responsibility for business cards and the conference center.

I'm feeling healthy, aside from early onslaught of allergies. I'm excited to get Ultimate in motion.
Historical Society is good, too. I am feeling pretty productive thus far. I need to get a first draft invitation done this week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The beginning of a new decade

Happy New Year!

January, I hope, will not be an accurate indication of how 2010 will pan out. I have been sick with a cold/sinus infection/chest congestion for about 3 weeks. The week before all this happened I pinched my C6, which is the base of my neck. I had pain spasms in my left shoulder for days, and I had limited turning capability as well.  I could even feel the pain in my index finger! Three emergency chiropractic appointments and one deep massage, and $100 in copays later, I was feeling better only to come down with the cold progression I mentioned previously. This also interfered with one of my new(unreleased) goals for this year concerning the gym. I only got in twice before this whole health debacle.

THAT aside (inhale) I have some results for you:
In 2009 I bought my first car. I went to Europe. I created my first dreamboard. got strep, found out I have hyper thyroidism- which fixed my insomnia and anxiety woes. I joined dodgeball. I moved out of my 3 year relationship. I made some poor judgement at work. I met my current relationship. I contracted swine flu. I got motivated to subscribe to 24 hour fitness. I submitted my interest with a local historical society. I can fit into size smalls again! I got broke. Really broke.
(exhale) Up down up down. Wheeeee.

Here are my much anticipated(and more specific) goals for 2010:

  • Health
    • I have a terrible track record with my health. Here I am as it stands, my hyper thyroidism seems to be under control. I missed my last appointment, and when  I have a spare $25 I need to keep up with my maintenance. You have to keep your thyroid hormone levels monitored, but I think I'm doing ok. I skip my medication frequently, so I don't have to worry about over consuming the hormones, but I should be more diligent about taking them. I don't have issues with insomnia, but anxiety comes about after a couple of weeks of not taking it. Then I start thinking crazy thoughts and get really claustrophobic. No good.
  1. Eat less sugar. Develop healthy alternatives- suggestions?
  2. Clock in at least 150 minutes of cardio every week(also a goal on work's health assessment)
  3. Work up to being capable of lifting 15 lbs each arm, currently at 8 safely for reps)
  4. Focus on building strength in arms, back, shoulders, stomach, and upper legs)
  5. Record food intake
    1. Increase fiber, protein, and water intake awareness
Notice no focus on weight gain or loss.
  • Outreach
    • My chosen community outreach is through the South West Seattle Historical Society which owns and curates the Log House Museum on Alki Beach(the birthplace of Seattle). I have volunteered to be on the board, which involves participating on several committees.
  1. Public Relations committee
    1. Manage social networking portals
    2. summon interest in the Scouting networks to involve with docent/volunteer/service projects
  2. Facilities Committee
    1. Gain an appreciation for the effort being involved with the log house structure
  3. Gala fundraiser committee
    1. Create invitations, envelopes, etc for Gala. Finish by the end of February.
    2. Public outreach, ticket sales, participate
  • Work
    • I've had an interesting past year. Please note that my year at work is September to September. I've become very complacent, and you should know that there is nothing that drives me more to anxiety than complacency. My boss recognized this, especially when in the middle of last year I began to quietly act out. He's deligated some more challenging tasks to me, which in itself is a challenge because my work requires me to drop anything I'm working on at any given moment, repetitiously. It's a distraction in itself. I already have my ADD mind distracting myself, but then outside forces as well??? Sometimes I feel almost schizo!
  1. Earn an Outstanding on my next review (September)
  2. Create and finish an inventory spreadsheet, any suggestions? 
  3. Develop deeper knowledge of SharePoint for my newest delegation as the dept. Records Manager
    1. Classes will be offered, have already been certified for one training. I feel it's not sufficient.
  4. Develop a habit for creating and maintaining to-do lists. This has proven to keep me the most motivated to see a project/assignment through
  5. Gain knowledge of the proprietary software used at Shilshole Bay Marina for potential(desired) relocation.
  • Money
    • Yuck. I don't have much left over after paying for bills/debt/gas. I'm lucky if I even have enough to cover gas. Jamie suggested seeing a financial advisor he has recommended to his brothers and friends. I might just consider it. Currently I owe $800, $1800, $500(different credits), and 21k(car)
  1. Refinance my car loan- If it's even possible. Right now I pay $495 a month. I saw a Mercedes car lease for 435/month. That's CRAZY. I pay waaaayyy too much.
  2. Car insurance decrease- I'll be 25, isn't that when it happens? 
  3. Pay off at least 500 in credit. Currently I owe 3,100. Again. Ugh.
  • Personal life
    • Create and maintain friendships with women. For some reason this is super difficult for me. I was never a gaggle of girl friends kind of girl. I get along with guys so much easier. It helps that I like video games, skateboarding, and being active. I confess this difficulty to other ladies, and they have the same issue. I think it's a primal thing, everyone is seen as a potential threat to your man. But then where does the village come from? I find myself feeling super cut off from everyone, especially because I can't drive to the East Side like I used to all the time.
  1. Continue craft nights. We've kind of dropped them recently, maybe because of dodgeball picking up again. But I miss those ladies, a lot. It's like a breath of fresh air to see and chill with them. Plus we make cute things!
  2. Nikki and Lauren are my two gemini friends, and I think potentially I could be friends with them for a long time! I'd like to work with them on photoshoots more
  3. Speaking of which. I miss photography and modeling. I want to come up with some concepts and work with different photographers/make up artists and stylists. Which also means networking!
  4. Increase my wardrobe with more versatile outfits. 
    1. Need stylish and simple pumps
    2. Timeless and flattering dresses, skirts, and blouses
  5. Maintain a healthy and productive relationship with Jamie :)
Please support me and I will support you. Good luck to you! Thanks for reading or subscribing. I might add vlogs!