Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some one call FEMA

I need some disaster relief.

From Self Improvement Project

From Self Improvement Project

Yeah. It's embarrassing. The way I justify it is- it's just clothes. I'll have an update on that when I wash them and "put them away" because I think there's boxes, and posters, and magazines, and lost puppies under all of that.

Good news is, I'm going to Sasquatch this weekend with Jamie. I'm excited to see Miike Snow, The XX, MGMT, Laura Marling, Broken Social Scene, and Vampire Weekend. Oh Massive Attack should be cool too! I will do my best to not think about the monster that is my room.

So until next week I suppose!


  1. Agh! Have fun! And good luck with your room! You'll feel so much better after you get it organized and give stuff away and then you can go buy new clothes!! yay!