Monday, August 9, 2010

Yes Man

I admire my friend Melissa for all of the wonderful memories she's been making this year. Her secret is, if there's time in the day for it, say yes!
She's pretty much always doing something, sports, parties, camping, rocking out, etc... because she gets invited and says sure.

I love spontaneity, but recently I've sort of closed down and done the relationship crutch thing. I know everyone does it in relationships, but I need to seperate myself and maybe it would calm down the anxiety I feel so often.
If someone invited me to something, I immediately find the quickest route in my head to justify a no. When I was single, I would have jumped at every opportunity to go out and be with people.
That's kind of a strange paradox, isn't it? You won't meet someone if you board yourself up at home, and then when you do meet someone, you shut the rest of the world out. i didn't mean to, it just happens that way. That's why I wanted to do Ultimate, to break that bizarre dependency.

From now on, just say yes.


  1. story of my past relationship :)

  2. Yes! If you learn this and take it to heart now, you'll be so far ahead of where i was at your age. In fact, I'm not even sure I've learned this lesson yet!