Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The beginning of a new decade

Happy New Year!

January, I hope, will not be an accurate indication of how 2010 will pan out. I have been sick with a cold/sinus infection/chest congestion for about 3 weeks. The week before all this happened I pinched my C6, which is the base of my neck. I had pain spasms in my left shoulder for days, and I had limited turning capability as well.  I could even feel the pain in my index finger! Three emergency chiropractic appointments and one deep massage, and $100 in copays later, I was feeling better only to come down with the cold progression I mentioned previously. This also interfered with one of my new(unreleased) goals for this year concerning the gym. I only got in twice before this whole health debacle.

THAT aside (inhale) I have some results for you:
In 2009 I bought my first car. I went to Europe. I created my first dreamboard. got strep, found out I have hyper thyroidism- which fixed my insomnia and anxiety woes. I joined dodgeball. I moved out of my 3 year relationship. I made some poor judgement at work. I met my current relationship. I contracted swine flu. I got motivated to subscribe to 24 hour fitness. I submitted my interest with a local historical society. I can fit into size smalls again! I got broke. Really broke.
(exhale) Up down up down. Wheeeee.

Here are my much anticipated(and more specific) goals for 2010:

  • Health
    • I have a terrible track record with my health. Here I am as it stands, my hyper thyroidism seems to be under control. I missed my last appointment, and when  I have a spare $25 I need to keep up with my maintenance. You have to keep your thyroid hormone levels monitored, but I think I'm doing ok. I skip my medication frequently, so I don't have to worry about over consuming the hormones, but I should be more diligent about taking them. I don't have issues with insomnia, but anxiety comes about after a couple of weeks of not taking it. Then I start thinking crazy thoughts and get really claustrophobic. No good.
  1. Eat less sugar. Develop healthy alternatives- suggestions?
  2. Clock in at least 150 minutes of cardio every week(also a goal on work's health assessment)
  3. Work up to being capable of lifting 15 lbs each arm, currently at 8 safely for reps)
  4. Focus on building strength in arms, back, shoulders, stomach, and upper legs)
  5. Record food intake
    1. Increase fiber, protein, and water intake awareness
Notice no focus on weight gain or loss.
  • Outreach
    • My chosen community outreach is through the South West Seattle Historical Society which owns and curates the Log House Museum on Alki Beach(the birthplace of Seattle). I have volunteered to be on the board, which involves participating on several committees.
  1. Public Relations committee
    1. Manage social networking portals
    2. summon interest in the Scouting networks to involve with docent/volunteer/service projects
  2. Facilities Committee
    1. Gain an appreciation for the effort being involved with the log house structure
  3. Gala fundraiser committee
    1. Create invitations, envelopes, etc for Gala. Finish by the end of February.
    2. Public outreach, ticket sales, participate
  • Work
    • I've had an interesting past year. Please note that my year at work is September to September. I've become very complacent, and you should know that there is nothing that drives me more to anxiety than complacency. My boss recognized this, especially when in the middle of last year I began to quietly act out. He's deligated some more challenging tasks to me, which in itself is a challenge because my work requires me to drop anything I'm working on at any given moment, repetitiously. It's a distraction in itself. I already have my ADD mind distracting myself, but then outside forces as well??? Sometimes I feel almost schizo!
  1. Earn an Outstanding on my next review (September)
  2. Create and finish an inventory spreadsheet, any suggestions? 
  3. Develop deeper knowledge of SharePoint for my newest delegation as the dept. Records Manager
    1. Classes will be offered, have already been certified for one training. I feel it's not sufficient.
  4. Develop a habit for creating and maintaining to-do lists. This has proven to keep me the most motivated to see a project/assignment through
  5. Gain knowledge of the proprietary software used at Shilshole Bay Marina for potential(desired) relocation.
  • Money
    • Yuck. I don't have much left over after paying for bills/debt/gas. I'm lucky if I even have enough to cover gas. Jamie suggested seeing a financial advisor he has recommended to his brothers and friends. I might just consider it. Currently I owe $800, $1800, $500(different credits), and 21k(car)
  1. Refinance my car loan- If it's even possible. Right now I pay $495 a month. I saw a Mercedes car lease for 435/month. That's CRAZY. I pay waaaayyy too much.
  2. Car insurance decrease- I'll be 25, isn't that when it happens? 
  3. Pay off at least 500 in credit. Currently I owe 3,100. Again. Ugh.
  • Personal life
    • Create and maintain friendships with women. For some reason this is super difficult for me. I was never a gaggle of girl friends kind of girl. I get along with guys so much easier. It helps that I like video games, skateboarding, and being active. I confess this difficulty to other ladies, and they have the same issue. I think it's a primal thing, everyone is seen as a potential threat to your man. But then where does the village come from? I find myself feeling super cut off from everyone, especially because I can't drive to the East Side like I used to all the time.
  1. Continue craft nights. We've kind of dropped them recently, maybe because of dodgeball picking up again. But I miss those ladies, a lot. It's like a breath of fresh air to see and chill with them. Plus we make cute things!
  2. Nikki and Lauren are my two gemini friends, and I think potentially I could be friends with them for a long time! I'd like to work with them on photoshoots more
  3. Speaking of which. I miss photography and modeling. I want to come up with some concepts and work with different photographers/make up artists and stylists. Which also means networking!
  4. Increase my wardrobe with more versatile outfits. 
    1. Need stylish and simple pumps
    2. Timeless and flattering dresses, skirts, and blouses
  5. Maintain a healthy and productive relationship with Jamie :)
Please support me and I will support you. Good luck to you! Thanks for reading or subscribing. I might add vlogs!


  1. Go Kat Go! I have been focusing on working out and acquiring new shoes. I hope to follow that up with nicer outfits too. :)

  2. The village comes from Men, not Women. Men get along with each other (more or less).

  3. nice detailed blog. i wish u the best of luck in your aspirations this year.

  4. I miss my girl friend! I have to hang out with boys all the time! where my girls at?!

    PS now that I'm working semi close to Seattle downtown, we should get together when I have the car

    PPS Summer is coming so we have loads of things to do together. I propose we go the wild waves! this shall be our goal, and it shall be so

  5. PPPS I started a wish box for myself for future things I'd like to do, and as I do them I can check it off or replace it with a souvenier!... so it's kinda like your dream board, but not really. I wish I can show you, the wood burning thing is really tiresome, but it looks fantastic!

  6. YES to summer activities!!! maybe even springtime???
    You told me about your wishbox, i'd love to see it! It sounds so cool!