Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ummmmm, oops? I just got an email from 24 Hour telling me I've been to the gym 13 times in the last 3 months. [insert embarrassed emoticon]

I should have added this as a goal, I meant to, in the health section. I wanted to join a sports team this year. Turns out instead of joining, I'm creating an Ultimate Frisbee team! It's been pretty rewarding organizing it so far. We have our first game March 14th. Should be super interesting!

I got talked to at work for saying to a cop during a conversation that: "I get paid 20 bucks and hour to do nothin'" An employee reported me because it's an inappropriate conversation at work.
This frustrated me immensely, it was taken completely out of context...and she was there for the whole conversation- so why she reported me for that I'm not sure. Out of context, ok yeah, maybe? But I can't see anything threatening or harassing in that. And if it's about the salary, who knows that I'm not exaggerating? You can look up my salary on the internet, all of our information is public knowledge. If it's about the "doing nothing" part, she was down here long enough to see that I will drop a convo to help customers, answer the phone, validate parking, print business cards, answer questions to tourists at any given moment.
I don't get it, but my boss thought it was enough to give me a verbal warning. I gave him the context of the convo, and he had thought I meant like I don't do anything literally, or I don't like my job, etc.
Anyways, instead of making it entirely negative, he took it as an opportunity to clarify responsibilities that are specifically mine vs. my coworkers vs. shared duties. It definitely helps, and makes it easier for him to quantify the amount of work each of us does individually. It felt childish at first, but I appreciate it now. Up until now, I only had responsibility for business cards and the conference center.

I'm feeling healthy, aside from early onslaught of allergies. I'm excited to get Ultimate in motion.
Historical Society is good, too. I am feeling pretty productive thus far. I need to get a first draft invitation done this week.

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