Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learning the hard way

A couple months ago, I was ecstatic that I went down to size small in shirts. I cut myself some slack, which has basically ended up with me slacking entirely.
Needless to say, I've definitely filled back out a bit.
It's a little difficult to quantify, remember, I'm not tracking my weight. I'm only keeping track of how I feel about myself and obvious results such as sizing down.
I'm back to mediums and larges in shirts, and my Sevens size 27 don't fit. At all. My favorite pair of jeans ever, don't fit.

My friend Olivia runs as much as she possibly can. She posted a comment to my last post how she's been inactive for 2 weeks and feels like she's added some lbs. While she's probably fine, there is a scary truth about it. I didn't think it actually comes back so fast!

Good news for me is, due to the half-welcomed time change, there is indeed daylight being saved in the evenings! Which means we can have Ulti practices during the week!
I've stepped in a hole last week, and my ankle has been a bit vocal about some tissue damage, but I'm going to walk it off, not run. Mostly because I'd like to be able to run by our second game!

Today's bad habit confession: I've been eating cinnamon rolls every morning at work.

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  1. holy moly, i am so off. but i guess on the entire scale of things, i'm not as bad as i sound. i ran 3 miles the other day and needed to walk a little. it's ok. i am going to pick it all back up soon. i have inner-tube water polo starting up next week! good luck with Ulti!