Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some new goals

I've been challenged!

1. Condition for the prospect of being in Potlatch 2010- a 3 day Ultimate tournament in July
2. Jamie has challenged me to improve my credit score- I don't know what it is, but I know a few banks are not happy with me.

5 games down for the Spring League at DiscNW, 5 to go plus a tournament. We finally won a game, and it was very uplifting- Definitely good for the team's morale. So that brings the Young Grasshoppers to 1-4, hurrah!
I'm having a difficult time with my stamina and shins- but I'm focusing on that when I'm in the gym.

Speaking of gym, Jamie now works for All Star Fitness, and has hooked me up with a guest pass. The Executive Gym in downtown is a few steps nicer than 24 Hour, they even have a women's only weight/cardio room. Apparently in West Seattle they have a pool- which is definitely a perk I'm always interested in.

I'm in the process of doing all my laundry and then doing inventory...

Will post more later, ADD kicking in

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