Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am still in the process of laundry inventory. Olivia is doing something similar to me, and we were both inspired by Makeunder My Life(esp. this one)
Basically wash all of your laundry. ALL of it. Then go through it and decide what to keep and what to dispose of.
I'm first doing an inventory, counting up how many underwear, tshirts, pants, socks, etc I own. Then figure out how many I would find acceptable owning, and purge the excessive stock.
It's a strange process because I'm rarely at home long enough to wait for a cycle of wash, but also because I have such bizarre clothing habits. Then there's also the fact that I still need to wear clothes, so I'm removing inventory. Ugh.

I stayed at my house last night, and instead of diving nose first into my laundry situation- I sat myself down and began to cut into magazines. I must admit, I'm super excited to share 2010's dreamboard. It's already begun to inspire me.

Last week I did a photoshoot for 7 salon. The hairstylist, Misumi, had me come in almost every day last week to process my hair. I almost feel strange not needing to go to the salon after work anymore! I mean I was literally there every day Tuesday-Sunday! My hair is adorable, btw! I hope to post the shoot's results soon.
Anyways. So while she was styling my hair for the shoot, she asked her manager who the photographer was going to be. He told her Link would be shooting. She goes, Link like in Zelda? Then she turns to me and confides, Link is my style icon.

And he totally is. She wears flowing tunics or ponchos in black, leggings, and really cute gladiator sandals. When she told me that...it came together. Technically I guess she's Dark Link because her clothing has to be black. This little intimate tidbit made Misumi even more adorable!

I want a style icon.

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