Thursday, August 13, 2009

Belly Dancing

Tonight I had my last belly dancing class with Natalie(Jen couldn't make it). We pick up again in September.
I have to admit, I've been doing a lot of partying in the last week or so because of my birthday, but also because I don't like feeling lonely.
I did belly dancing for 8 weeks, and after each class I've felt more physically comfortable with my body. Not because I've gotten skinnier or leaner, but because rounder bodies are beautiful in belly dancing, whereas poles are not. I'm not saying I'm fat or skinny here, I'm just saying I feel ok being where I am. It's not something I focus on.

It definitely has built up my core muscles a bit, the first couple classes would leave a sharp sensation in the center of my abdomen.

I like that I committed to something and completed it. I like that I feel happier about myself, and I will return to the class in September. It boosts my confidence and gets me sweaty.
When I got home I had a lite ceasar salad and a fat free pudding cup.

Natalie and I are interested in taking up a beginner hip hop class. Then we could create a routine fusing belly and hip hop together! And we talked about yoga as well, which makes my heart sing. Check this out for some serious inspiration.

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