Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dream Board

Amazing how fast this year has gone by so far. Better make the most of the rest of 2009. 9 is my favorite number!

I made a dream board with my friend Lisa in the early days of 2009. You can write down your goals, or you can make awesome visual displays of it, and I am a visual person...so I was pretty excited to create my dream board.

In the winter I tend to feel a bit SAD, so most of my goals were intended to make me feel better about me, life, my future, my dreams. It's a board full of happy images, basically. I mentioned my sleep habits a bit, becuase I was in desperate need of more satisfying sleep, which I've accomplished due to my new medications for my hyper thyroidism.
I have nice stomachs featured pretty prominantly on my board due to my insecurity of my pudgy tummy. I wanted a visual motivation for what I think is attractive and where I want to get to, or even a little closer to.

Anyways, here's some close ups, and then the full board:

If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
Dinosaurs roaming the earth


  1. Nice dream board.
    Lol is that a kid on a tricycle.

  2. Yes! His ridiculously happy face makes me happy, so he belongs on the board.