Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's suggested that if you write out your goals, you have a higher chance of succeeding at them. So here's to that idea.

1. Life goals- things I want gravitate towards
  • I want to live in another country
  • I want to go to school, specialize in communications/public speaking/history/business
  • I dream of owning my own lounge, emphasizing on chill, music, and hot chocolate
  • I want to get involved in the community that I live in

2. Health- Habits to form now for a healthier lifestyle in the future
  • I'm comfortable with my weight, but not the lack of muscle definiton. I want to burn the fat, and replace with muscle. this would be beneficial when I get older.
  • I want to be happy with the skin I'm in. I am going to take better care of it, including preventative aging measures, to secure healthy looking skin as I age.
  • I need to be physically active. I am going to join more sports, dodgeball was definitely a gateway sport for me.
3. Materialistic- things that aren't really important to attaining happiness; but actually are
  • Money, I need more of it. Budgeting, discipline, saving all need to happen
  • Fashion. It's kind of funny that I'm putting this as a goal, but I'm never satisfied with my attire, and how you appear to the world definitely shapes it's responses to you. I would like to have a more classic put together look. The more timeless it is, the longer it will last in my closet, making it worth the initial cost.

I have more to add, and I will when I remember them. I am counting this post as an action towards my goals.
Naturally, I'm worried if I do it alone Who really cares, cause it's your life You never know, it could be great- Take a chance cause you might grow


  1. Live in another country. I wouldn't mind it for awhile. I think Malaysia with my uncle would be awesome.

    I could just about copy and paste your goals, they are things that I think a lot of people aim for, but don't conciously think they out or write down.

    Happy life kat!

  2. Hello Miss Kat, I'm playing catch up on your blog. I did a LOT of sports while I was up in Seattle. I did dodgeball (as you know), and I also played softball and volleyball with the Redmond sports league (or whatever it's called), and I also played soccer at Arena Sports in Redmond. Just a few things I thought I'd throw out there in case you wanted to play something else :)

    Living in another country would be AWESOME.