Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Progressive progress progressing

Money issues are pretty much the same. Though I seem to be able to get a bit of cash from each paycheck in my pocket, which inevitably creates change babies that squirm around in my pockets. Kat Bank has been fed recently, and probably has almost 10 dollars in ones or coins collected so far. That's exciting and I haven't even considered pilfering anything from it! I actually look forward to physically dropping money off in there. Please remember that I absolutely hate change. I usually throw pennies away and sometimes nickels. I just don't like it. So this is some sort of progress in my mentality.

Community outreach: This has been in the works for a bit now 
First off here's the blog posting that I am referring to. I've been looking for something comparable to my experience docenting at the Stansbury House in Chico. The Loghouse Museum appeal seems to be relatively close, though the execution is distinctly different. The Stansbury house IS the museum. You go inside, and it's as if you have intruded the daily life of a family still living in the Victorian days. The Loghouse Museum is a venue for displays, videos, and a gift shop. None the less the exterior is fascinating!
Anyways, I responded to the inquiry(said blog posting), and I got a phone call from Joey. I met her yesterday, and was shown about the house. She is excited for me to be on the board because they need new people, and preferably younger people. So I've agreed to join, and I will be at their annual meeting to be voted in.
I already have some ideas for them, I just need to focus my specific participation and what I hope to gain from this experience. I'm excited yet a bit apprehensive! This is definitely some progress, if not an achievement of my desired goal for this year. I feel proud potentially, but I want to see how it pans out.

Fitness: I'm going to workout (meaning SWIM!) with Jamie tonight, and I couldn't be more excited! 

I went to California this past weekend for my cousin's wedding. I brought Jamie with to meet my family. It was successful and tiring as well. My extended family I haven't seen since Thanksgiving in 2004 all noticed the changes in me, besides growing up from 19 to 24, my skin is fantastic, my hair is long(er) and blond(er), and I look happy(er). I felt happy with myself, and I attribute that success to my awareness of progression through life since Daniel's death.

Kat: i'm writing basically the most epic blog right now
it fills me with the biggest sense of pride that i've cultivated on my own behalf
Rick: rad!
Kat: i don't really know if the contents [adequately] exhibit that
my mental chest swells

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  1. nice and positive :)
    im like truly happy for you.
    Jamie looks hella happy in that picture.
    You guys look good together for sure.